Friday, March 14, 2008

Start at the beginning

So, I have decided I will attempt to launch a blog. Why? Because this is the 21st Century and staying in touch with each other, sharing ideas, debating issues, rejoice together, cry together, and laugh together. This is just another way I am going to attempt to put out some of my thoughts, lessons I'm learning, frustrations I'm dealing with, and experiences that life brings my way. You'll read about everything from my faith, my cooking experiments, interesting things I've read or seen, how my crazy running and triathlon training is going, the exhilaration of racing, and the intricacies of relationships with people. Feel free to leave comments, debate, inquiries, or share what speaks to you.

I've titled my blog "Pursuit" because that's what life is for me: the act of striving. Striving everyday to grow, to learn, to share, to contribute, to move forward and reach for excellence. Life is not stationary, it is a pursuit!

This is the launching point, where we go from here is anyone's guess, but it will be forward. The act of striving is not trying, it is doing!