Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have been SO delinquent in posting, and I apologize!! Life has simply been crazy busy. Seems like in December we try to cram as much work in as possible in the first 3 weeks so we can do as little as possible the last two weeks. I guess I'm okay with that!

I made it to Houston yesterday, after a detour to Austin to pick up my Dad who had plane difficulties, due to snow, trying to get from Buffalo, NY to Houston. Ended up that he could get home faster by flying into Austin and having me pick him up on my way to Houston for Christmas anyhow. It only added a little bit more to my drive, and I had someone to talk to, so it worked out well.

How insane is TX weather, let me illustrate by showing what yesterday (Sat, 20 DEC) and today (21 DEC) forecasts for where I live were: If that doesn't illustrate the roller coaster effect that is typical here in the winter, I don't know what does!!

It is good to be home with my whole family here. My little nephew is growing so much already. I don't think I've shown him off yet. Here are pictures from when he visited me, he was 2 1/2 weeks old then. The first one is his furry cousin Davey checking him out. They're good buds of course. ZAM's (his initials and what I call him) Mom is worried about Davey's kisses and keeps crying about it, but those kisses won't hurt him... :)

Then of course this is me, the happy Aunt, with the little cutie. We've already discussed several things, and in 18-20 years he's gonna run a marathon with me, and in the meantime we'll get him started with the basics of swim, bike, and he'll be a triathlete yet!! Haha!!

I will post more as I'm on vacation this week (gratefully so!!) and enjoying some Christmas cheer with my family! Merry Christmas to everyone!