Monday, May 4, 2009

Back at it

Vacation time ended nearly two weeks ago, and I have been hitting the road hard since then--okay, not running, but figuratively. I truly enjoyed my time and rest in NY. It was great to see my parents in their new place, and to see my brother in college. I lost some fitness in April (not just running), but I did jump right back into it all, both my day job and working out. Thus far, in 2009 I have done the following (doesn't include strength work, aqua jogging, etc.)
2009 totals
Bike: 112h 27m 42s - 2082.3 Mi
Run: 60h 03m 31s - 427.59 Mi
Swim: 38h 51m 37s - 110831.2 M

Of course, I have really run in the past 6 weeks. Though, this past weekend I gave 2 miles a shot and it went well. I have been released to start giving it a try, I just have to pay attention to any pain and NOT run through it. So, I will be back at it. I have been on some good group/charity rides lately and am enjoying the bike. Not so sure about the swim--I can do it, but it's simply not my favorite. The verdict is out on my new wetsuit though--I'm not sure if I like the full sleeves. Oh well. The goal right now is to keep building good swim and cycle base, and get the run back. Hopefully, I'll be good to go at the CapTex Olympic.

Work has been busy, not bad busy, but busy. I had to do a military parade/pass-in-review for the first time since I graduated from college. It went well though, and the military working dogs that went with us did a good job, though they weren't too fond of the cannon salutes that happened! I also have deployed out several of my dog teams. They are really stellar Soldiers and I enjoy working with them a lot. Sure, there are some frustrating moments, but it is always a small percentage of the whole that cause those. We've had lots of promotions and awards, and some re-enlistments as well lately. I always enjoy seeing Soldiers rewarded for their hard work--and some of the ones lately had to get past some hurdles, but did it well.

So, with work being as busy as it has been, training time, and simply the fact that I need time to do normal chores and play with my dogs, I have started outsourcing! Along with the house cleaners that come through every other week, I'm having the yard done the same way. I looked at my finances, and it was affordable. It has been worth it thus far!

Nothing truly exciting is happening, but I'll try (emphasis on try) to update here more. Priorities...