Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've been out.

The new blog structure will go into effect either this weekend or beginning next week. I have been traveling, both personal and business. I've had an incredible time as I got to see my sister and the incredible California Sequoia trees! Then I went to NY where I participated in West Point's Battle Command Conference and had the priviledge to share some of my experiences with cadets as well as re-connect with some friends and mentors. It was a wonderful experience that may have opened some doors, changed some minds, and who knows what else. More to follow on all that once I figure it out.

I'm stuck here in NY at the airport for about 4.5 hours since the shuttle had to get us there then. Oh well! I should get back at a decent time tonight. I haven't done but a couple of days of running (all at West Point, and it was beautiful and it was more than I EVER ran as a cadet at one time, haha...took revenge on Michie Hill too. Revenge is sweet!) and had different food than usual, so this next week is back to the grind, but the rest for my body was probably needed. On Saturday I'm doing my first bike rally and the longest ride I've done yet, 55 miles. Which needs to become more and more often the norm for me as I get ready for the Longhorn 70.3 in October. I am also very excited that in a year I'll be running the Boston Marathon--reading about Monday's run made me excited. Training for a marathon was hard, but very rewarding when I showed up to the race in top shape. I feel like I've lost some of that fitness due to not so clean eating and less running, but I incorporated the bike and swim in more and raced some good tri's, so I will keep pushing it on all of it while balancing time and life! Lots of things are possibly on the horizon! I'm ready to get back home though.