Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why do I hate laundry? Does laundry burn me out?

It's true, I hate laundry. I don't mind washing it, but for some reason I despise folding it and putting it away. Maybe it stems from the fact that, as a kid, folding laundry was a chore I was capable of doing. Whether it was matching/folding socks as a 4 year old, or folding the sheets with my sister as we got a little older, I have always disliked it. No, my parents didn't beat us to fold the laundry, we got paid an allowance, but none-the-less I still hate folding and putting up laundry. It's easy to wash it...and it's not difficult to do the rest, so I cannot figure out why I procrastinate so much on this chore. Granted, these days my laundry consists primarily of spandex, lycra, my ACUs (Army Combat Uniform), and green socks. Somehow, and I'm sure it's to my Mother's chagrin (though I do try to make sure it's not evident when she visits), I will often have a basket of folded laundry sitting in my floor for a week. I have no idea why this is such an issue with me, but alas, it is.

This is a race weekend for me. We do have a four-day weekend, so my race is actually on Monday, Labor Day. I'm doing the Austin Tri (Olympic Distance-1500m Swim, 24.85/40k mi bike, 6.2 mile/10k run). I'll look at some of my data and throw some "prediction" times out there this weekend. I expect to be able to do well. This will be my first "official" Olympic distance as my April race was a 1/4 Iron race, my July Olympic was short in the swim and the bike, so this will get me an actual "Olympic distance" time. I was only 2 weeks off of finishing the Buffalo Springs 70.3 when I did the July pseudo-Olympic, and I did fairly well. I'd like to see myself do better, at least in the bike and run, than I did at that one. Should I do that, I hope to finish quite well. However, I'm not really "tapering" for this race as I'm training through it in preparation for the Longhorn 70.3, just 37 days away. I will take it easier on Sat/Sun, but still planning on getting some good running miles in on Friday, and some biking miles on Sat. Sunday will primarily be an off day, packet pick up, bike check in (first time I'll have to check my bike in the day prior to the race--makes me nervous taking Juan to spend the night by himself and not in my control), and early to bed.

I am looking forward to racing this weekend, as well as following the progress of some friends as they tackle Ironman Kentucky on Sunday. Everytime I race or watch the Ironman races I am inspired and motivated. Such motivation couldn't come at a more opportune time. I wouldn't say I am burned out, but I definitely had some lack of motivation moments this past week that I had to work through. This weekend, and then the Ft. Hood Sprint race, should keep me going until Longhorn!
I do want to give out big cheers for Gary, Becky, David, Kenny, Karen, Sydney, and more as they go out to conquer their 140.6 miles swimming in the Ohio River, and biking and running throughout Louisville, KY and the surrounding countryside! Kick some butt, have some fun, and soon you will be an Ironman!