Sunday, November 2, 2008

WOW and I jumped off the cliff...

It'd take quite a bit to capture the whole experience from yesterday--and I will later, but suffice it say Ironman atmosphere here at Ironman Florida was AWESOME. What a day...beautiful weather, great racers. I saw/cheered the first lap of the swim, then all the folks going out on the bike, then out on the bike course at an out and back stretch so we could see folks twice, and then back to the run course at the turn-around for a bit (I love the names on bibs...I cheered for tons of folks by first name), and then worked the finish line from 6-9PM holding the tape. More than 1300 racers came through during that time, and it was up and down and up and knee is a little sore from it. IT WAS AN AWESOME job...I got to see the emotion and expression of joy from so many racers, wow. I'm hoarse from cheering! It was tough trying to get the tapes up in-between racers when there was a mass of them coming through. Most everyone got a tape to run through, but in the masses, we would've tripped people if we had done that. All of the friends I was really watching for came in during my shift and that was great!

This morning I was down at registration for 2009. Wasn't supposed to open until 9AM, but being the Type-A that I am, I was there at 7AM. BUT, they had opened early and it maybe took me 30 mins to get through. Yes, I have done it. I have taken the plunge and I am REGISTERED for Ironman Florida 2009 on 7 November. Come cheer for me! :) Now...must start training! 1 year and 4 days to get ready for 140.6 miles of swim, bike, and run! (Yes, family, I know I've lost my marbles...but reserve the date and come experience WHY I have!)