Friday, August 8, 2008


Okay, I had some time today and goofed around with a link someone posted on BT (thus my BT screenname at the bottom). Yes, you too can be a superhero, just click on this link to Marvel Comics and creat your own! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Race Age and Annie

I am my race age today. :) No more silliness of them aging me up on my leg just cause of how old I'm supposed to be in December! Only one more birthday before I start repeating the same one over and over again! Haha! I did get a very nice Juice Plus cycling jersey from my parents, and went out with some friends for lunch.

Some more friends are coming over on Saturday for a little get together dinner, so that should be fun. Tomorrow is night is the MP Ball here, so we'll get all dressed up in our "Blues" and it should be a pretty fun time. I'll try to take some good pictures to post. Friday became a training holiday because of the ball, so I really only have 1/2 a day of work left this week! Yay!

There is some big news for me, I am getting dog #2---as long as she gets along well with Davey (he needs a buddy, hope she's the answer). Right now she is with my folks. She is a 1.5 year old, 9lb yorkie-poo. I will get her on Sunday when I meet my folks and brothers for a nice family picnic half-way between my place and their's. Right now the yorkie-poo's name is Jasmine, but I just don't care for that name much. So, after some thinking and brain storming, I have decided that she shall be Annie Oakley...okay, I'll call her Annie, and she'll have my last name, but she needed a middle name too. I have no children, my dog (soon to be "dogs") are my kids--so when they do mischievous things (yes, Davey's cuteness saves him often) they need a full name for me to yell out! :) When I have good pictures, and after she takes a trip to the groomers, I shall introduce you to her in a much better fashion!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm a winner!

Yay!! Today I took 1st Place in my Age Group in a triathlon for the first time--1st out of 62 racers and most of those were from the competitive Austin/San Antonio crew! So, needless to say, I'm pretty thrilled. The details of my race report are on BT, click here if you'd like to read the nitty gritty: Race Report. I'll give you the nutshell version-

It was a 500m swim, 13.8 mile bike, 3 mile run.

62 in age group, 799 total finishers, I was 1/62 for AG and 67/799 overall.
Swim: 9:27 (1:53/100m pace)--that fit my goal of a 1:50-1:55 pace; 10th in AG
T1: 1:30 (major improvement for me, top 3 in AG)

Bike: 39:41 (20.9 mph avg)--my goal was 20mph+, TOTALLY ACCOMPLISHED, 1st in AG. This was a passing fest for me. I passed countless riders and was passed by NO ONE. And I LOVE my new wheels!
Run: 22:22 (7:27 min/mile)-- my goal was 7:15-7:30, so accomplished. I can run this faster...need to slim down back to where I was marathon. Still very happy. (4th in AG)

So, podiumed for my AG, 7th woman overall, and 5 of those women were the "elites" in the open wave, and the other was about 10-15 secs ahead of me and in the 20-24 AG.
This was a "C" race for me, and I was going to go all out hard, cause that's what you do in a sprint, and I was coming off a 40 mile bike ride on Saturday (but I'm very comfortable with that distance now). So, couldn't be happier--learned more about racing, which happens every time. Also got a medal for 1st and a sweet organic coffee set: 2 mugs and 3 lbs of coffee! Jack and Adam's put on a great race, and I'm excited about the Austin Olympic Tri that they put on come Labor Day! So, that completes my 3 tri's (HIM, Olympic, Sprint) in approx a month time more tri's till Labor day, but LOTS of training--big volume month for me!