Monday, January 12, 2009

Training, Pups, TX Weather Wimps, and Age

I am a horribly delinquent blogger. My apologies and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Wow, 2009 is already here and half of January is about passed. What they say about time going faster as you get older is surely true.

2009 is going to be a busy year, and I should update my race schedule. I don’t think I’ll be racing nearly as much as I did last year because this year’s goals are more than “become a triathlete,” they are “become an Ironman.” The training and mental toughness I need to build before 7 November is a lot, but doable. Right now I am gearing up for the Austin ½ Marathon in February, but it’s really more of a “motivator” in the middle of training before I knock out the Lonestar ½ Ironman in Galveston on April 5th and then head to Boston for the 113th running of the Boston Marathon. Thus, my training right now more along the lines of building up to marathon distance on the run, improving cycling fitness for Lonestar, but really for Ironman, and getting some good swims in as well. I need to get my focus back into the swims. I did well with them last year and improved a lot, but lately I haven’t had the best motivation during my swims or to even get the swims done. There are days where I am thrilled and excited about Ironman. Then there are days where I am utterly petrified at what I have signed myself up to do. Sometimes, it’s less the race day itself that scares me, and more the training I MUST do between now and then in order to be successful. I have had some really good training days, and then some not so good ones. Thankfully, I’m just under 300 days till I get to toe the start line…By God’s grace, I will get there healthy, happy, trained and fit to tackle 140.6.

My little pups have been loads of fun lately. Not only do they play with each other well, but they are just so sweet to me. Both of them could be laying different couches or chairs, but if I go sit at one spot, they get up and come to where I am. They definitely make me feel loved and I am so glad I have them in my life. It’s truly amazing how much two furry and excited dogs can “love” and make a house feel full and not empty.

The weather here in TX is best described as a roller coaster. This week actually looks like it will be cold all week and get colder. Okay, cold is relative to the location. I did say Texas…know that our cold equates to lows in the upper 20’s and 30’s and highs between 40-60. I think my years of living in the United Arab Emirates and Houston as a kid have conditioned me to adapt to the heat much more easily than the cold. I don’t mind the cold, but it is more fun when snow happens. In NY for college and in Germany for my first assignment, I never minded the cold when there was the snow to accompany it. BUT, the bitter cold days with whipping wind were something I had little experience with. Now, if you want to talk weather shock, turn your attention to my parents. They have been in Houston for the past 20 years, the UAE for the 6.5 years prior to that, and New Mexico (not the mountains, not the northern part of the state) and West Texas before that. Where is Dad now with Mom soon to follow---BUFFALO, NEW YORK! I talked to my Dad the other day and asked what he was up to that day. His response, with no hesitation, “trying to stay warm!” Thankfully, their thoughtful, eldest, red-headed daughter that has spent some winters in NY and Germany got them some really great ice scrapers and brush tools for Christmas. Dad says it’s the best gift he got. Ahhhh, I know!

A funny story for you to close this post out, and maybe I will find myself a more regular blogger in these coming weeks. Last week, around 6PM my doorbell rang, which in turn means my dogs went nuts (typical), and I went to keep them from escaping (mainly Annie—she wants to take off, where, I don’t think she knows, she just wants to GO) when I opened the door. I open the door and it is a Salesman (I should get a no solicitation sign…). What is the first thing this guy asks me (who probably, at best, was 23/24)…wait for it…no really, it’s hilarious….he asks me if my MOM AND DAD ARE HOME??? Seriously, are my Mom and Dad home??? I think I gave him the look of death I used to give my co-workers in Iraq when I was in my “angry red head” moments OR I gave him a completely bewildered “did you really just say that” look because he actually took a step back and then stammered something about “or are you the homeowner.” I know I then gave him “the look” and said yes, I am, and I’m not interested in what you’re selling. Which he still proceeds, quite rudely so, to try and demand to show me his “miracle, clean all solution” to which I insist I’m not interested and close the door. Now, I do laugh at this, and I wasn’t mad—probably more dumbfounded and giving him a hard time—but at nearly 28.5 years old do I really look so young that you would ask me if my parents were home?? I can only hope when I’m 40 they ask me the same thing.