Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have not been sticking to any kind of schedule for this blog. Oh well, life is that way right, you plan one thing and then you end up having to do another! We have been getting nailed with storms here, and some of them have produced tornados near us, but thankfully nothing has caused any damage at my house. Fortunately, there was a break between the storms yesterday that allowed for the road to dry and I got in a quick 10 mile bike ride followed by a 9.5 mile/1h 20m run, and I felt excellent. I then proceeded to spill my dinner smoothie on part of my laptop computer keyboard, so part of it doesn’t work now—what a klutz I am. I may see if someone can clean it out/fix it, and/or I may just buy a USB keyboard for it anyhow. At some point that computer will probably replace my desktop as the desktop is REALLY REALLY old now (for computers, it’s 6 years old) and get a smaller laptop that is easier to haul from here to there. To many “I wants.” The company I bought/ordered my dining room table and chairs from called me yesterday and it’s all delayed AGAIN. So much for 10-12 weeks, it’ll be a good 20+ weeks by the time I get this stuff at the end of June/beginning of July. I’ve already been given more of a discount, and I’m starting to get a little perturbed about it, but what I can I do? The Amish are making it in Ohio and have to ship it to TX. The Amish need to work faster! It BETTER be high quality and last forever at this rate.

I did get the guest bathroom clean, guest bedroom all vacuumed and dusted, and now I just need to mop the kitchen floor and take all the folded laundry out of the den and put it away where it belongs. I also need to finalize exactly what I’m cooking for dinner tomorrow. Steak is the main course with a salad and probably some Mexican style rice. I’m working on it, it will be a Tex-Mex theme. At some point I need to pack for going to Houston and then Seattle for the wedding as well. It’s going to be a busy next few days to say the least!

One thing I do need to confess is I have been horrible horrible horrible about my own personal Bible Study/quiet time. It is important to me, and my faith is the cornerstone and foundation of who I am. I need to get a structured Bible Study as I finished the other one that I did. Bible Studies like that help me focus and learn specifics that I would probably miss otherwise, and helps tie concepts and ideas together. SO, I absolutely must get back on the train with this. There is simply no excuse for me to be dedicated to so many things and not ensure that this is absolutely a dedicated part of EVERY single one of my days. I feel like I do well at carrying on a regular “pray without ceasing” conversation with God, and many times, one of the first things I do when something happens that requires prayer or someone asks for me to pray for them is to do it right there. There is no rule that says one must close their eyes, get down on their knees, bow their head, etc. To me, prayer should be a constant conversation between God and I. Those are my thoughts!!

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