Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So delinquent

I have been oh so delinquent on updating this...I do apologize! I did get some big projects done--my exercise room is now a happy yellow!! It is definitely easier to paint with 2 people--one for edges, and one for big area with a roller. (here's two views for you)

I also hung up my new curtains in the office--thanks goes out to Mom for taking the one curtain and making it into two! (and yes Melissa--it is my "army" room! haha!)
Tonight I finally hosted people in my home--it's been awhile, but I had some friends over for fajitas and it was really enjoyable. The only thing that would've made it better was if my dining table chairs were already here. Alas, they won't be here till Sunday. But we did eat at the new table, and it was great. Once the chairs are here, I'll take a picture and post them. Otherwise, I did a lot of cleaning and organizing (for me--apparently Mom thinks I need to be more organized--but somehow I missed that gene--I'm organized enough).

I am trying really hard to stick exactly to my training plan without moving workouts, or saying things like "I'll make up those last 15 minutes at this time, etc." Nope, I need to stick to it...the only thing I want to allow myself to do is make the weekend workouts possible, which may require some moving, but volume needs to stay at the plan or above the plan. I really want to do well at Longhorn 70.3, and by well I mean a considerable improvement over Buffalo Springs. I think my ride will be much faster, and I expect my run to be faster as well. I was lacking run volume, and while I haven't registered for it yet, I am planning on the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon on Nov 16--just about 6 weeks post Longhorn. That requires me to increase my run volume for Longhorn training, but I know that for me, my body gets faster as I train to go longer. Doing some 14-16 milers prior to Longhorn will only help me conquer that half-marathon post 56-mile bike ride better. But, it is getting there, and I'm happy about it. I am enjoying upping the run volume again and look forward to some nice long weekend runs.

There is probably more I'm missing to put here, but I need to wake up super early for my swim so I can trek to Austin and pick up my RACE WHEELS tomorrow! Rest assured, I shall post pictures!


ShirleyPerly said...

I like that room color, very cheery. And I agree that moving seems to add all sorts of other workouts that can make training hard. Look forward to seeing the race wheels. I've been trying to decide whether it's worth getting some myself.

Kathleen said...

I like the yellow bike room. I have been thinking about painting mine yellow or lavendar. & I need to paint my kitchen & living room. Between training, working & everything else, its hard to set aside the time to do any house maintenace!!!

melissa said...

mmmm hmmm...

I think i see a nice white dog toy for waldo at the top of that display case!!