Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic fever!

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! GO TEAM USA! So yes, I've been watching them...and probably staying up too late to catch the action. I am in awe at so many of these athletes, especially the incredible feats of many of the swimmers--not only Michael Phelps, but seriously, that guy is a swimming superman! What an incredible Olympiad thus far. HOWEVER, I can't stay up late every night--my own training is still on-going and probably fueled and inspired by the Olympics. I will say, however, that when I watch men and women swimming 100m in 45-50 seconds or so, and I avg a 1:50 on a good day...yeah, I felt like I was slogging through the water the other day!! Haha! But, that's okay, I'm working on becoming a good competitive age grouper. Age grouper = balancing work life, personal life, and training. I don't get to just eat, sleep, and train. That's okay. Sure, I had dreams of Olympics as a kid (nothing realistic, and I knew it...but dreams nonetheless) and maybe when I'm old I can do the "Senior Olympics"--haha, but I'll cheer on Team USA in the meantime!

It is a big training week for me. I did have to shuffle some workouts since Big Bird and Grover closed the pool for two days--yes, Sesame Street. The Sesame Street show is on at Ft. Hood and the put it at the main gym where the pool is and they shut the whole thing down. Now, I don't think Big Bird and Cookie Monster will be spending time in the pool, so why close it?? If there are big yellow feathers in there when I swim next, I guess I'll have to admit I was wrong. So, what does this week look like:

Monday: 1.5 hour bike ride (26.85 miles); 40 mins of strength/core
Tuesday: 1 hour swim (2800m); 20 min of core
Wednesday: 40 min run (4.76 miles- speedwork); 1:16 bike (intervals- 23.82 miles)
Thursday: 13.1 mile run
Friday: 1 hour swim (2800m); 40-45 mins strength/core
Sat: 63 mile bike ride (Cove House Classic in Copperas Cove)
Sun: 2.4 mile OWS in Austin; 1 hour run (possible move/cancel...the 13.1 is an add, so I may sub it, we'll see)

So, this month will be one of my biggest "total months"--probably my biggest cycling month and swimming month, but not run (marathon training took that earlier this year I'm sure). I am feeling very confident right now about my progression and training for the Longhorn Half-Ironman in October. My run volume and strength is improving, my bike has improved a lot, and while I'm not a lot faster swimming, I am some, and I my endurance has absolutely improved--so I can hold my swim pace for longer. This weekend's open water swim in Austin will be a test for sure. But it will also make the 1.2 miles I have to do for Longhorn, and the 1500m I have to do for the Austin Olympic Tri just that much easier. Our minds can be a huge factor in racing, and for me, if I "conquer" a distance--anything shorter becomes "easier" for me. Plus, this 2.4 miler will give me a great idea of what to expect for Ironman training next year!

Off to bed I go--I can't stay up to watch the guy gymnasts...must run in the morning, so must sleep now!


Kathleen said...

My bike mileage STILL isn't ramping up... yikes :-(

I haven't been catching much of the live stuff this week on the olympics because it starts too late. I have to get in bed early to make it up at 4:30 a.m.!

Fred Doucette said...

The olympics are killing my sleep as well ;)