Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a week...

Phew, it's been a busy week. I am not blogging much these days....must be getting lazy! There were some great highlights this week though. My little guy, Davey, celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 19th! Now, someone told him that 3 dog years = 21 people years. I'm not sure on the accuracy of this, but he was pretty convinced, and in one of his moments of "rebellion" he challenged me. All day long he kept nagging me that since he was "21" he should be allowed to have a drink. Just one he says. I am opposed to this, and I let him know it. But noooo, does he listen to his Mom, not this time. Look what I "stumbled upon" later that evening (I wasn't the one stumbling...)(DAVEY! Where did you get that....)

(Tsk, tsk, tsk)

(He was starting to feel the affects I think, and actually stuck his tongue out at me when I got upset with him. Can you believe it?!?!)

The rest of the week I've had some really good workout days and some not so good ones. I have loved the Olympics, but I have let it eat into my sleep time, and I felt it on some of my workout mornings. I did, however, get to bed in plenty of time last night to have a really great workout this morning. I went on my longest ride ever, and I did it solo. Starting out at 0715 I went out for 4 hours and hit 76.01 miles in that time frame. It was a fairly hilly route with some a couple of 20% grades--I think I saw a 6mph on my Garmin when I was going up those! It was a great ride though. It was hot and humid, but that doesn't bother too much riding. I did need about a 1/2 bottle more of water though. I "bricked" it and ran 30 minutes afterwards as well (3.57 miles)--I was feeling great starting out, and actually could have physically run more but I could tell I was starting to literally overheat. That can happen in August in Texas at 1200 in the afternoon...Needless to say, when I got in a tub of cold water it felt WONDERFUL. Since then I have just wanted eat! Haha! No overdoing it though!

I think once the Olympics are fully over I'm going to do a "Brittany's Favorites" Olympic Recap! I was trying to remember why it seemed SO LONG since I had seen a summer Olympics...that's when I realized that when it was in Athens, Greece in 2004 I was in Baghdad, Iraq and really wasn't watching wonder it seemed like I hadn't seen once since the Sydney games in 2000, because in fact, I had not!


ShirleyPerly said...

Great job on that long ride! And I must say that last picture is hilarious!!

melissa said...

Drink up, big guy- drink up!

OK, just kidding. Waldo turns 1 soon, so I guess that means the big puppy will soon be 7 in people years.