Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, and I am not a fan of either team. Last year I rooted AGAINST the Patriots due to various wasn't that I liked the Giants, but some friends and I had someone TOTALLY turn us off to any team from Boston. This year, there is nothing driving me for either team, so I have decided that I shall root for the Cardinals. I'm a TX gal, and AZ is much more closely related to us than the frozen north of Pittsburgh. So, GO CARDINALS! Plus, they are the underdogs. Granted, I think I sometimes watch more for the commercials than the game itself, and I know I am not alone. Tonight I watched a "best of" Super Bowl Commercials, and I saw one that I must have missed while deployed to the literally had me laughing OUT LOUD. So, for your entertainment:


ShirleyPerly said...

HA! For sure, the commercials are the best part of the Superbowl.

Kathleen said...

Everyone I talked to wanted the Cardinals to win also. Hmf, I didn't even know there was a football team named Cardinals until about 3 days ago.

Colleen said...

I love that one! The only reason I watch the game is for the commercials!