Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's allowed, right?

I'm a poor blogger...but it's only cause I'm a busy Commander and Triathlete. Both keep me busy. Let me sum up the last two weeks:
Lots of work.
Lots of swim-bike-run.
Some good long swims, long bikes, and long runs.
Some not so good swims and some tough runs.
Lots of early mornings for both work and workouts.
Hotter 'N Hell was an adventure in total, but lots of fun. I logged it at 101 miles and did it right at 5:05 to include slow downs for other folks stopping at aid stations, the slogged start, etc.
Feeling fairly confident, I think.

Totals for August '09
Bike: 37h 30m 52s - 700.84 Mi (biggest bike month ever)
Run: 20h 49m 08s - 148.07 Mi
Swim: 11h 10m 02s - 31180.56 M

I surpassed my 2008 bike mileage this month and have gone past 4000 miles for the year. My run will surpass '08 totals before Ironman. My swim will pass '08 totals tomorrow.

9 weeks and some change till Ironman Florida. In the meantime, I will eat, sleep, train, work, eat, work, train, eat, and hopefully sleep again. Sleep could be in there more. :)


melissa said...

Well...I went from a prolific blogger to an almost nonexistent blogger. And I'm not even a commander. So I guess you're excused :)

I am grading papers like crazy, Britt. And to think I always assumed our "P"s were not busy at all. GAH!

ShirleyPerly said...

I did the metric Hotter 'n Hell ride a couple years back. Certainly was a LOT of congestion at the start but a fun ride once we finally got rolling (think it took like 20 min!).

Great to hear your training is going well!!

Colleen said...

I totally feel your pain on blogging - some much to say, yet no time to write! It's totally okay, you have a good excuse! :)

Sounds like your training is going awesome. We'll definitely have to meet up before the race in FL!

Trishie said...

that is ONE HELL OF A TIME for a century!! rock on girlie !

Anne said...

Great training month! I am counting down to the taper ... although I know it will make me crazy when it gets here!