Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wrestling a Buffalo to take down a Longhorn

I had an excellent swim this morning--it was a long one with an endurance focus. Started with a 300m warm up, then 4x250m pulling; 10x100m @75% pace; 200m kick; 8x100m @85% pace; 200 cool down. I was the first in the water and the last out of the water from the "morning crew" that show up at the pool. The number of people arriving at the pool at 5AM is growing! Some are really doing some great workouts too, and I think, from overhearing conversations, several are blooming triathletes! Yay!

So, I DID have a good 5 months from yesterday until my first Half-Ironman (HIM) at the Austin Longhorn 70.3 (70.3 = # of miles you cover in the race: 1.2 mile swim; 56 mile bike; 13.1 mile run)...then I was tri-friend peer pressured into signing up for the Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon 70.3 in Lubbock, TX on 29 June!! AHH, LESS THAN TWO MONTHS TILL MY FIRST HIM! Yes, I intend to race it and go hard BUT this is not the "A" race and the point of doing this one is to see where my fitness is for a 70.3, test my nutrition, and have fun. I can do all of the distances, the question is, how well can I do putting them ALL together. I have adjusted my training plan to up my workouts between now and 29 June. Biking is where I need to increase time the most, do quality swims without shorting any of them, and do lots of bike then runs (bricks) so my legs are accustomed to running off the bike. BSLT will be a challenging, hilly course in the middle of a TX summer, so it will also be hot. I am excited though--this will be the first weekend of about a month+ vacation time frame for me, so it's perfect to tackle it, recover, and then do a couple of other shorter distance tri's and training for Longhorn in Oct. Didn't think I'd do two of these this year, but I think it'll be really good for me. Some of you may think it is crazy to say that taking on a race that will take me anywhere from 5hrs 30 mins (at BEST) to 6+ hours to complete is "really good for me" but it is...I am so enjoying pushing myself harder, faster, and becoming stronger--and competition, well, I am Brittany and I'm an adrenaline/endorphin addict...so race I will!

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Kathleen said...

Hey, cool! I just signed up for Longhorn. It'll be my first HIM! ;-)