Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Idea, Bad Idea

I am an Animaniacs fan--it was such a funny cartoon as a kid, and I dare say, it is more funny as an adult. So many things are missed by kids--they did some creative writing in that show. Remember the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" scenarios? I offer you this one:
Good Idea-Sun Bike Club Ride and OWS (outdoor water swim)
Bad Idea-Sun Bike Club Ride and OWS on FATHER'S DAY
Why? Because that means the only other two people who showed for the Sun ride were old guys with beer bellies who went REALLY SLOW and we had to stop A LOT for "breathers." It was a route I didn't know, so therefore I had to hang with them. Oh well, the gamble of the group ride. I then went to lake for an OWS. The swim wasn't bad EXCEPT for the lake was really crowded and there were lots of jet skis and boats making some killer wake--force me to bilaterally breath, that's for sure. Didn't care for sucking the exhaust, water was really warm, and just wasn't the best day for trying to swim out there. Need to do that first thing in the morning when your avg. lake goer is probably sleeping off a hangover--which is not something I have to worry about on Sat or Sun morning.

I have still been church hunting here. I have missed lots of Sundays due to travelling, races, etc. I had been going to one church that had some good preaching, but there really wasn't much for me in the fellowship area. The primary attenders were either not anywhere near my age range, or they were already married with kids. Thus, my dilemma in general in finding a church here. None of the churches have any type of ministry for your career singles (not college kids or young 18/19 year olds) like me. Everything is family focused--which I understand, it's a big family community and that is who goes to church. I guess there aren't enough like me in the area to have the ministries that teach more than "how to be a good parent" "how to strengthen your marriage" etc. It's not that these are bad things, they're great things, and maybe someday I'll have a reason to tap into them. However, I am not in that position right now and I can only learn so much of it from the perspective of "learning it now so I'm prepared for 'when' life brings me those things." So, it's a little frustrating. On the plus side, I'm nearly done with Journey of Desire and have found it to be a really good book. I will finish it in the next couple of days.

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Kathleen said...

I wasn't a big Animaniacs fan, but I LOVE Pinky & the Brain... have you seen that cartoon?