Thursday, June 19, 2008

PT 1: Davey Psychology PT 2: My calf

Let me introduce you to Davey, my nearly 3 year old minature poodle!
Some of you know Davey, and others of you have heard me talk about him. He's full of fun and energy--sometimes too much energy. He LOVES people (well, not everyone, I have seen him bark at a homeless guy that approached my car at a gas station once, I was so proud--not that he was mean towards the homeless guy, but that all of his 8lbs wanted to protect me)...and he loves to be with his people. So, when I go to work, he is not a happy camper. I used to let him run around the house while I was gone, and he had one of those puppy pads he did his business on. But, then he got he started going on the carpet instead, no good. And he was chewing the molding around the doors. So, I heavily gated him in the kitchen--plenty of room, potty pad, food, kong with peanut butter in it. By heavily, I mean, double gated, and had to make sure it was thick plastic on the bottom cause he chewed right through. Then, he started shredding the puppy pad. Due to the way the cabinets are, I had to put a shoebox between one gate and the cabinets or he would've had a hole to wiggle through. Well, this week, and I knew it was going to happen, he found if he chewed through the cardboard enough he could push the box out of the way, and OUT he was. Yep, he escaped twice this week that way. But, lo and behold, he ISN'T BAD when he escapes...not at all. I think he feels "escaping" is punishment enough to me. I hate leaving him in the kitchen, I'd rather he run around look out the front window, etc. So, I got a light shoe box, put it in the same place, knowing very well that the first thing he'd do after I left was push it to get out. I also put a potty pad next to the backdoor where I used to put it. Sure enough, I come home, he's out. I can tell by the water amount and the lack of shredded potty pad in the kitchen that it didn't take him long to get out. He used the potty pad for his couple of tinkles, and he didn't do anything else bad. I had water and food for him outside of the gate (anticipating his escape), and he wasn't bad. So, let's see how long this "escape" thing works...
A couple of days ago, while running, I had my right calf cramp up pretty bad on a run. Anytime my calf cramps (typically only swimming or sleeping, this was new), it takes a few days to recover. Well, it was about 95% back to normal. It didn't bother me swimming or biking at all. I started my run today, and was feeling GREAT till my second 30" stride...and the faster pace brought some, not all, of that pain back...argh....not a happy camper. With Buffalo Springs only 10 days away, I didn't push it any longer, and I've been massaging it all night. It's feeling tons better--the good thing is, I won't be doing any sprinting (save maybe the last 100m) during Buffalo Springs, so any runs between now and then will just be straight runs, NO SPRINTS because I do NOT WANT TO WALK AT ALL at BSLT (minus maybe an aide station or so)...even if I have to run slow, I want to RUN the entire 1/2 marathon. One week from tomorrow I leave for


melissa said...

Good luck with your injury!! I like your puppy psychology tactics. I also have another tip, in case he just needs more to do while you're gone in general: my dog loves Premier brand toys. You can find them pretty much anywhere, but I've found the cheapest way to get them (and any dog product, for that matter) is through The reason why Premier is so great is because they make "work-to-eat" toys that are much more difficult and interesting than the Kong. Waldo has the waggle, the busy buddy, and the bone with the rawhide discs attached, and he plays with them forever. He does not like the squirrel-shaped one as much though. I'm also impressed with the toys' durability; Waldo is a power chewer- I think he is happiest when he has broken something- and he hasn't managed to ruin any of these yet.

Another toy he's a big fan of is the tricky treat ball...not sure who it's made by, but it's durable and good-fun for him for about an hour.

Anyway, that's all I got. Fortunately, cutiepie Davey will be on his way out of puppyhood soon- I'm told most dogs settle down after age 3 :)

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH my cute little Granddog made the blog! Kisses to Davey from Grammy