Saturday, June 7, 2008

Massages are GREAT

This morning my brother and I headed to a local day spa that had great reviews to get an hour massage. It was his birthday present from me. It was his first massage, and I hadn't had one since pre-Austin marathon. I think he enjoyed it, and as a body building guy I'm sure he needed it. I truly needed it, and had really waited to long to get one. Massages do help the muscles remain fit and recover better from the stress of being worked out. You know when the massage therapists repeats things like "Wow, that's a knot" that you are in trouble. She was great though-I mean it was a "relaxing" go to sleep massage, but she really worked my problem areas and asked for feedback so she could get it back to near homeostasis. She showed me some great stretches, and she gave my brother and I both extra time. I think I will be back and definitely cannot neglect this part of my "training." Again, sounds silly, but I know I can't, on my own, recover my muscles as I well as I should considering the stress I put them through. So, I think I'll be back after Buffalo Springs 70.3 as part of my recovery for it. It was a tough massage today, but very good. Oddly, however, she found my left shoulder/arm side to have more knots and asked me what I used it for more than my right. I told here there was nothing to attribute it to, in fact, I know I am stronger on my right than left, so who knows! But, great massage...very impressed!


Kathleen said...

I get massages about once a month. I feel like I NEED them between the knots in my shoulders and my tight ITB!

melissa said...

ooh i love massages too! they're the best, and they've really helped my run times in the past. might get one tomorrow.