Monday, June 9, 2008

Back to the Core

With all my swimming/biking/running lately I have neglected my core workouts that I had been very diligent on when deployed. Granted, when deployed I only had a stationary bike and no pool, and there were no distractions either. But, I am going to be working on ensuring my core stays strong as that helps everything else. My runs lately have been tough, and I know that much of that is due to the heat that has descended upon here, but nonetheless, I know if my cores is strong, the rest of my events will be that much better. I didn't want to do the same routine I had been doing, as I got bored with that, but this month's Runner's World magazine (they have tons of online resources too) has a good 15 minute core workout in it's section about Marathon training for "busy people." It only requires a stability ball, which I have, a chair, and a wall. So, I'm going to do it for a while and then change things up. I tend to get stuck into routines and probably need to vary things up more. I want to incorporate my bands into my core workout too--gotta keep my good guns nice and strong!

Today's police classes were BORING. It was another day of "death by powerpoint" and someone reading me slides. Y'all already know how I feel about that, so I won't beat that dead horse--though that's what I felt like I had happen to me today.

I know the reader's of this blog are from various backgrounds, opinions, and ideas. You know, just from my "about me" blurb and some of my postings that I am a committed Christian. I personally do not like the concept of "religion" as I find it stuffy and works based, Christianity is about a personal relationship, a changed life, and really a pursuit towards eternity. Anyhow, I wanted to occassionally throw out some sites I frequent and appreciate the content. I don't always agree with them 100% at all, but I do get some good insight and ponder some questions and various Christian opinions on issues of the day, especially for the single Christian, and yeah, that's still me. So, if you want to, check out Boundless.

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