Friday, June 13, 2008

Sleep in....

Since today I only have a 45 min. bike on the schedule, and I'd like to do it outside tonight, I "slept in" this morning. No, really, for me it felt like sleeping in. What time did I wake up, you ask? 5:50 AM. Yep, it actually felt like sleeping in. I even tried to sleep a little while longer, and just couldn't. Guess that is what this morning training has done to me! I am much more a morning person than a night person though. I wonder what makes someone a night person vs. a morning person? Some people can function at all hours, and I can do that for about 1-2 days at most, and then I just CRASH. When I was a kid and went to sleepovers where we stayed up late, I would literally get sick, fever, etc. the next day because my body just doesn't like staying up way late.

Today is a "training holiday" for the Army...but I have class. I am hoping it goes quickly, and I expect it will. I'm in need of some groceries again, so I have that on my to do list, my bike ride on my to do list, the continual "cleaning" process that is homeowning, and then getting things ready for another 100k bike ride tomorrow. This will be my last big training weekend before I start entering a taper mode for Buffalo Springs. Two weeks and two days till my first 70.3, and yes, that's 70.3 miles that my body will carry me through the water, on wheels on the road, and pounding the pavement under the hot Lubbock, TX sun. I am convinced this last deployment to Iraq pushed me over the edge into insanity when it comes to the endurance sports world...and yet I love it.

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