Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Taper Zone

First- another shout out to the Ironman CdA racers today! I'm watching online and y'all look great!! Everytime I watch these now I get SO EXCITED about doing one. Yes, I plan to do one, but I want to survive my first half-ironman before I'm talking about such things (teaser: but I plan on one in my schedule next fall). I remember when I told my friend that convinced me to become a triathlete that she was crazy for wanting to do a triathlon, not to mention an things change! :)

So, I've entered what I call the "taper zone." My workouts taper for this week, it started some this past week, but really shows this week. I had just a swim today, a short run tomorrow, full day off on Tuesday, little stuff on Wed and Thurs, day off on Friday traveling to Lubbock, and then some little swim/bike/run warm up on Saturday--then it's game day. Tapers can do crazy things to people. I noticed it before running the Austin Marathon. I'm so used to doing intense workouts that doing short and easy ones or a full day off with short workouts the rest of week make me feel lazy. It is good though--it means that my body is getting rested and ready to attack the course come race day. I try to focus my food on good carbs, more water, more sodium, and more potassium throughout the week leading up. I'll have my "carbo load" (which isn't tons of eating--just focus on a good mix of simple/complex carbs) the dinner two days before the race (Friday this time) so it becomes available for me on the day of the race. But, tapers can make you feel happy one day, grumpy another day, etc. I'm going to try and do some needed yardwork and housework these next couple of days to keep me busy in the evening. Oh, and study for the GMAT--I'm taking that 9 July, studying would be a good idea. So, we'll see what this taper does for me. I'm really excited about the race right now. It'll be good to get out there and put it all together again and for the longest I've done yet! Less than a week now...

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