Tuesday, July 8, 2008

GMAT and Good Nutrition

First: The GMAT--I'm taking it on Wednesday, so say a little prayer for me. I should've studied more, I'm quite sure, but my studying is showing improvement, so that's good. We'll see how test day goes for me.

Second: Okay, I owe you a story from the other day. There I am at the grocery store checkout line. I have A LOT of fruit and veggies, some soy milk, and some deli meat. Behind me is a mom and her two kids. As I'm checking out, the little boy turns to his mom and says, "Mommy, why is that lady buying so many fruits and vegetables and that's all?" Mom had no real response for him...unfortunately what they were buying was not of the good nutrition variety. It was humorous and sad all at the same time. I've said it before, but America truly is eating itself death. We are not dying of diseases of poverty, in other words, we are not dying of malnutrition. We are dying of diseases of affluence, in other words, we are fat and eating so many bad things that our bodies are not getting good nutrition and therefore we're suffering the diseases caused by bad (not poor or lack of) nutrition. The refined foods, the massive amount of sugars and fats, the fast food nation, the instant meals, and the gigantic protions are overloading the American body and the results are things like heart disease, macular degeneration, diabetes (in kids and adults), morbid obesity, and so on and so forth. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in their natural state (without a bunch of added sugar, fats, or oils) are grossly lacking from our diets. Popping a daily vitamin doesn't do you that much good either because those vitamins are not in concert with the other nutrients that help them act efficiently. The answer really is whole food: fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This is true for everyone, and even more critical for those of you, who like me, enjoy endurance sports like triathlons and marathons. The stress we place on our body in training racing requires our body, our engine to have the proper fuel. We can manage a lot of it by eating properly, but even that can be hard. One thing I have found that has made a HUGE difference in my diet and health is a nutritional complement called Juice Plus+. Yes, it looks like a pill, but it is truly just juiced fruits and veggies with the water, sugar, an fiber sucked out but the nutrients that work together in those fresh, whole foods are there. Since taking them I have not dealt with being sick--even during long training or after endurance events. My recovery time to get over soreness from major events like the marathon and the half-ironman equated to TWO DAYS. No lie, that's it, no more soreness....and really, the soreness during that time wasn't bad at all. I could tell you a lot more about it, but I wouldn't do it justice. If you want to know more, please click HERE and navigate around, or send me note at tri4nutrition@hotmail.com and I can get you more information. Again, it's not a miracle "drug", in fact, it is just food and more good nutrition. It is NOT a substitute for healthy eating or your fruits and veggies, it is a complement to help you get what you are supposed to get. It is not my entire nutrition, it is part of my good nutrition.

Plus, if you want to hear an actual Doctor, champion Masters Triathlete, Kona Ironman discuss nutrition, check out the following toll free phone lecture you can listen in on Wed. night.

Prevention Plus+ Health Education Conference Call
Sponsored by Juice Plus+®
Hosted by Pam Popper

It just wouldn't be summer without patriotic holidays with family fun events. As Americans, we are proud to proclaim that we are “land of the free and home of the brave,” but how many of us could say that we are “land of the fit or home of the well-nourished”? There is more emphasis today than ever on the importance of including exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. This month's call will feature All-American Ironman triathlete Dr. David Phillips, who will discuss not only the many health benefits of exercise, but also the increased value of exercise that is supported by proper nutrition.

Dr. Phillips graduated with honors from Harvard University in 1984, where he was a collegiate All-American swimmer. He completed his Medical Degree at Wright State University School of Medicine in 1989, and practiced as an emergency physician for 11 years at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Dr. Phillips has won several regional and national Masters titles and competed in the 2005 Ford Ironman World Championship in Kailua, Kona. He is currently transitioning his medical specialty towards the athletic community, focusing on sports medicine.

Please join us for this educational and informative call on Wednesday, July 9th at the regularly-scheduled Eastern times of 8:30 pm, 9:30 pm, 10:30 pm, and 11:30 pm.
The dial-in number is 1-800-942-2606; no pass code is needed.


Kathleen said...

Have you ever bought so much produce that the person working the grocery checkout seems annoyed because they have to weigh everything & type in the codes? That happens to me quite often :-) I totally agree on the diet stuff, not like mine is great ALL the time, but I try to eat whole foods, limit sugar... I would look into those vitamins. I'm a big "alternative" health fan.

Stef said...

SO true!