Friday, July 11, 2008

Staying Alive!

I finally, nearly a week later, got my care totally fixed, for now I'm sure. But my brakes are good, the ABS light is off, the passenger side window has a new motor and works again. It costs, but I save specifically for these costs, and in the now 6.5 years I've owned it I haven't had to do too much in regards to major maintenance. It's finally fixed though, so that was today. Also got some more fruit cause I was about out. This evening I made a very delicious pasta dish (my Fri pre-Sunday race carb dinner...yes, I said that right, I have my primary carb dinner on two nights prior to the race so it's available for me when I race). I scored BIG at HEB today with Portabella mushrooms. Getting there in the morning I not only had smaller lines, but you get all the marked down items. They had 3 packages of 2-great big, yummy portabella mushrooms for 99 cents!! I bought all three packages. So, I made the pasta with some tomato sauce and tomato pace, some fresh basil from basil plant, a little cilantro (I put this in everything these days), and then I broiled a red pepper, a portabella, and a zuchinni squash with Italian seasoning. It was yummy! I also go a brick (1.5 hr ride/11 min run) in this afternoon...boy is it hot outside.
So, this weekend I am doing the DISCO TRIATHLON! It is an Olympic distance race (1500m swim, 23 mile bike, 10K run), though the site shows the swim as 1500yds and not meters, so we'll see.

Goals for this weekend, oh I really don't know. I think after my first full season of tri's I'll be able to estimate this more, but here goes:

Swim: 1:50-1:55min/100 min avg.
T1: 2:00 or less
Bike: 18-20mph avg. ( I can hammer this harder than the Half-Iron cause the distance is shorter)
T2: 2:00 or less
Run: 7:30-7:45 pace would be ideal, I'm betting a 7:45-8:00 pace is more likely
So there we go.

Lots of Texas athletes from will be at the race, so that will be great too. I got a decent blister on the side of my right foot earlier this week running without socks in shoes that were too tight (dumb me). But, it's doing alright now, and if I can wrap it just right and have it survive the swim, then I think I can go sans sock for the run as well. We'll see. Have a great weekend everyone, and happy racing to everyone out there at Disco and the Couple's Tri in Austin (and everywhere else of course!).

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melissa said...

hope you did well at your triathlon- p.s., i want more pictures of davey!