Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some productivity maybe?

I am SOOOO enjoying my off time from work. Granted, I'm not going on any huge vacation, but just relaxing, doing some of the tri's, training, and knocking out projects suits me just fine. Davey (they hyperactive poodle) is glad I'm not going to work either! I did accomplish some necessary tasks today: cleaned my bike well, especially the drive train, chain, and cassette, with my new knowledge thanks to a bike maintenance 101 course I took, made yummy and healthy bread, made granola, did some filing, some working out, and some general cleaning (that never ends...really, I need cleaning elves...someone please send me my cleaning elves!). More productivity is necessary tomorrow as well some "fun yardwork" and I think I'll do some reading and writing. I need to find out some details of this weekend too. I am doing a good long ride with a friend in Temple on Saturday morning, and am supposed to cheer on a friend at an XTERRA Tri (swim-mountain bike-trail run) in Austin on Sunday morning. However, her arm is slightly injured, so we may relay it and I might be doing the swim leg. I am NOT a mountain biker. The Muddy Buddy race proved that to me. It was a fun race, but I prefer going FAST on the road with the only "rough" road being the nasty Texas chip seal.

I know I probably chat about the "tri" thing more than some of you readers care and you probably view me as slightly obsessed. However, living where I do, with nothing more than work to focus on, this hobby gives me an outlet, an opportunity to meet people, and fills what would otherwise be wasted time or time filled with much of nothing. It's truly a little difficult to explain to someone that is not into endurance sports like triathlon and running. It is my hobby and it is part of my lifestyle. I do it because I want to be fit, I fully enjoy meeting and training with other athletes, I enjoy racing, and I needed something outside of the big, green Army machine that can take some of my effort. It actually HELPS me balance life because I do not dwell on the stresses that work can produce, and I have something to do when I am not at work. As an upper-20's single, I'd much rather put my time and effort into this than playing video games or mulling over life and dwelling on the job. Am I dedicated, yes, am I obsessed, no. This is just my outlet. It takes time, and it is exciting for me. That is why I share it. I have other things I'll put out too, and plan to do more of that in future. I am fond of writing and need to collect some of my thoughts and throw them on here.
Here are some pictures from the Disco Tri this past weekend. One of the BT'ers was out there with a great camera and took some of the fun action shots. The "official" photos are not out yet.

My transition area Having fun on the run! I tend to have a good final kick

More final kick--I really don't know where I get the final kick energy!

Taking it into the finish line!
This next one, the bike, is my favorite by FAR!

Getting my 2nd Place Hardware and loading it back up to head home.

I stayed with this crew over the weekend--we all placed in our AG's and William, on the far right, was not only 1st in his AG, but also 6th overall. He is FAST! Friends are great!


ShirleyPerly said...

Oh man, GREAT photos! What a kick you have to the finish. And great to hear you're trying to stay balanced. In my late 20's I was all about work-work-work and way too stressed out all the time, not good. You're definitely a lot smarter than I was. Keep having fun!

Kathleen said...

That bike picture is VERY cool! I like tri's for the same reason... a good stress outlet, keep in shape, not get bogged down by a career and just have fun/enjoy life and the outdoors!

melissa said...

congrats! i love the bike pic- but what is on your leg? a tattoo?