Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've become an addict

Yes, it's true. I've become an addict to running and triathlon training- Swim, Bike, Run. I enjoy swimming quite a bit, biking is okay, and I love running. I'm excited to learn to love my bike more, it just takes time riding on it to get there. I will get there. What a challenge, between running marathons and starting triathlons. I did my first triathlon on March 8th and despite mid-20 degree weather and a not-so-fun ride, it was overall an incredible rush. I ran my first marathon at the Austin Marathon on 17 February, and every time I drive to Austin now I yearn to run. If I go a day without one workout, I feel like a complete "slug." If I go without two workouts I feel somewhat lazy! It's ridiculous sometimes, but if I'm going to have a hobby, I might as well have one that keeps me fit and healthy. I never imagined I'd be doing these things. In fact, I thought those people were crazy. Now the hard thing is trying to figure out my race schedule and training schedule balanced with the rest of life! I have decided the easy solution is just to marry rich and then I don't have to work! (just kidding of course, but it wouldn't hurt!) Speaking of events, I'm heading off to Ft. Hood for the "Bunny Hop 5K." Time to run!

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