Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunburned, but happy!

Great race weekend!! I met so many awesome people, raced a really well directed race production, and had a really good race! Here is how I did. For some of you new to the world of tris, I'll decipher it for some of what it means:
Overall Place is out of the whole field of competitors (men/women, all age groups)- 718 finishers total. Gender place, self explanatory, Division is in my age group (women 25-29). The ranks for all the other are like the overall, but for that leg of the race. T1 and T2 are transitions from swim to bike and swim to run.

Swim Goal: So, I did not meet my swim goal of pace (I did about a 2:02), but the bottom line is I need to swim more, longer, and more outdoor water swim. Salt water was interesting, and being nasy Galveston, you didn't see anyone around you unless you were right next to them. I just need to swim more. I came out of the water ready to go though and not dragging, so that was key cause this is the shortest part of the race. But, of all the sports, getting faster here doesn't result in way much more time saved. I still want to get faster, of course cause any time I cut off is great! My swim to bike transition could be faster too, I need more transition practice.
Bike Goal: I smashed my goal! Woohoo!! I averaged 19.77 mph. It was flat, there was crosswind you worked against the whole time, but it wasn't devestating at all. I really really really enjoyed this bike! I passed several people and only got passed by a couple ladies and lots of the elite men on the second part of the 1/2 Ironman that was racing at the same time. The Naval Academy Tri Team was there and when our swim wave started it was my age group and theirs (20-24) and several beat me out of the water, but I passed at least 3 of them on bike. When I did I said "good job Navy, Go Army" I got laughs, a "you gotta be kidding me" (in a joking way), and a "no way" (in a joking way). I thought it was funny, I couldn't is programed into me! So, WAY EXCITED ABOUT THIS BIKE!! YAY! Juan (my bike) did great!
Run Goal: Appears I predicted right on the money as I ran a 7:45 pace. The Transition from bike to run went great too, very happy with my time there. Now, my legs were not talking to the rest of me during the run, and I know I started out too fast, I was seeing 6:50's and low 7's and that was TOO FAST to start, but it didn't feel that way. I did taper off some, and then in the middle I was in the low 8's and then pushed back down into the 7's. It was a hard run though. First time I've felt like I was gonna maybe puke while running. Finishing chutes do something to me too and I feel like I MUST sprint down them, so I did!

Awesome Race! Well run! I got 4th in my Age Group and actually beat last year's winning time for my AG, but that same lady came back and dropped her time by 14 minutes! WOW! And the two others beat me by 9/10 minutes, so it wasn't close! This made me totally realize how much training and work I have to do before my Half-Ironman in October (not to mention the Ironman thoughts for 2009). I see many many many Bricks (bike then run) in my future! My neck is sore and my quads/inner thighs are sore, but I'll survive! Another race down! I love this sport!

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Marni said...

congrats on your race and thank you for helping our country!!!