Wednesday, March 26, 2008


These are random thoughts, bare with me!

  1. Life is full of so many different aspects, choices, trials, and joys. I have been incredibly blessed in my life. Sometimes it seems like I've been given so much, but yet am not sure if I've given back enough yet. There are definite areas I need to improve upon--properly prioritizing my time is one of those that needs improvement. An area that I have, thankfully, improved upon is that of compassion/empathy for others. Now there are times that my heart actually aches for people. I'm glad it's that way now. Now, I am trying to learn more of the hows to reach out to some of those people.
  2. I'm not too fond of "taper" weeks. That time frame before a race where your workout volume is lower. It's almost as if I have too much energy or just get lethargic, but actually crave going out and doing something because I'm used to so much more! It's a little silly really, and besides the Marathon taper, everything else has been sort of mild...but still gets me, crazy! I am extremely excited about this weekend's race though. Several new aspects: Longer distance for me in a triathlon, open water swim, salt water swim, deep water start, lots more'll be GREAT! I'll post some race notes here when I get back next week.
  3. I love homemade granola. I might need to just stop making it, because I love is so good. It's healthy, but even too much of it is too much! :)
    It is only a little over 2 months till I interview for jobs. I talked to Cameron-Brooks today and re-emphasized my intent to be paired with interviews for companies that are in Texas. I am open to other places, and I told them that, I just want maximum Texas opportunities. West Texas is not an option-but Austin, San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston are all options.

    I suppose that's enough randomness for tonight!

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