Monday, April 14, 2008


Holy smokes I suddenly got busy with work and the house, and I travel this week, oh my!! The weekend was great and I put in over 100miles on my bike and that was a record for me, truly enjoying the bike right now! Then it was nervous IMAZ tracking all day yesterday too--congrats to all the Ironmen. It was truly inspiring and I kept checking on my friends running it and waiting to watch them cross, and then the looks on their faces when they did. Some had really rough days where uncontrollable issues kept them from making it to the end, so what did they do today--signed up for next year!! That's guts folks. How hooked am I now, how much do I want to put my body to the test of a 12+ hour race (12 hours would be good--lots of training to get to that though)?!? It's crazy, I know, but so was marathon training, so is training just for a Half-Ironman...but I can't help it, I'm intrigued by the challenge, by the unknown of getting to the fitness level for completing in best shape possible something as significant as an Ironman. I once called my best friend nuts for considering such a task--now I can hardly wait to sign up for one. So, looks like as long as my new job will let me, I need to head to FL for Ironman FL in NOV so I can sign up for next years

Okay, need to finalize my resume and do some other serious tasks now and push the m-dot to the back of the head for now! Again, awesome job yesterday racers!

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