Saturday, April 12, 2008


It was an incredibly productive house and training day!! I will sleep like a rock tonight, I think, but very satisfied. After the great swim I knocked out this morning I did get tons of housework done. Lots of stuff sorted, the office all put together, a closet all cleaned out, and more! Things I really, really, really needed to do and are finally done! Just a few more things I will need to knock out before the place is ready to hit the thankfully still booming Killeen market. Then I headed out on my afternoon brick (bike/run). I did the first 10 miles on a very hilly course that requires a lot of work, and the 17+mph NNW winds tried to get the better of me. The out was nice and not too bad on the wind, but the back was tough. I then transitioned to the neighborhood routes so I could work against the wind and not have continuous hills, but still some good inclines and declines. I had nearly convinced myself, after nearly blowing over a few times, that I didn't need to do a full 2 hour ride, it'd be okay...but I was determined to not let the wind get the best of me like yesterday. Instead I focused on a tight aero position (I'm sooo comfortable in my aero bars now, it's great) and just pushed against the wind. Never got it fast on the back, but did hit some less windy spots. After finding that getting mad at the wind wasn't working, I tapped into my stubborn side (I'm a red-head, what can I say), instead the thought I focused on was that the woman that would beat me wouldn't let wind stop her, she'd do her 2 hours regardless--so I did too. Then I had a quick 20min run and even keeping my HR in zone 1 I was able to keep a 7:45 avg pace. My legs felt normal much sooner than they previously have after biking. So, I had a good 3 hour 20 min of total training today--that's a good tri training day. I got to wish some of my Ironman Arizona competitor friends well on the phone, and then made a great, but simple dinner: baked salsa chicken breast, a spicy cous cous/garbanzo/black bean side dish, and a delicious fresh salad with mango habenero dressing! So good!! I suppose I should clean the kitchen now.

GODSPEED IMAZ RACERS- Joe, Liz, Marcy, Steve, Clint, Aaron, and more!! You inspire me!

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