Sunday, April 27, 2008

End of a busy week, start of another!

Hello readers (I assume someone reads this as I don't make the counter go all the time!!). So, after getting back home from traveling to the West Coast and then the East Coast and then back to God's country of Texas, I then traveled to Katy to pick up my pooch from the folks. I made it in time for a Juice Plus team pot luck (JP+ is GREAT stuff, I'll be hitting it on a blog post soon and give you links, etc.) on Friday night. Saturday morning I headed to Brookshire, close to home for my first ever bicycle rally (Brookwood Spirit Rally) supporting the Brookwood Community. There was a 19 mile, 40 mile, and 55 mile route. I went for the 55 miler. The furthest I had gone at one time prior to this was 34 miles, so it was quite a jump in distance, but I felt like I had the fitness to do it. I rode it straight without hitting any of the rest stops (just used my own nutrition carried on the bike, just like I plan to for my races). There was some fast road, some slow, poorly paved road, and it was wet at the beginning due to rain right up to the start of it all. It was truly enjoyable and I rode a great time of 2h 52min at an avg of 18.66 mph. I'm very very happy with this!! (oh, I had it at 53.5 miles, not the full 55) Now I just need to add 2.5 more miles to the bike, a 1.2 mile swim prior to it, and 1/2 Marathon afterwards--no problem, haha! I have till October and intend to be in tip top shape for it! I have a 1/2 Marathon, the Heels and Hills, this next Sunday in Iriving, TX. I'm not look to PR it, but just to have fun! I was going to run today, however it was rainy nearly all day, and once it cleared up the wind was just ridiculous, so I plan to do a good easy recovery ride spin on the trainer this evening while watching some TV (no couch potato here, I watch TV working out!) and some core work. I have neglected my core work as of late, so I need to get back on that and make it part of my daily routine. Today has been very productive with LOTS of cleaning and organizing, I truly just about have the inside finally done. Need to attack my closet, the garage, and the back porch. Another week is ahead, and it could be a fairly important week.

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