Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another week...

Wow, where does the time go!?! I can't believe it's been a week since my last post. I have been busy with my new job, no doubt, but it has been good and invigorating. Thankfully the timing could be better as this past week began my taper for Longhorn 70.3 next weekend. I didn't get in all my planned workouts, but got some great strength and cardio in with my unit. I got my bike all nicely tuned up and was out on this morning and it felt very nice and smooth. I did manage to get to the pool before unit PT a couple of times this week, and that seems to work just fine. This next week of course the workouts are not intense or very long, and it also fits with my unit PT as we have our PT test this next week. I'll take the 2 mins of pushups/2 mins of situps/2 mile run test on Wed...then I'll cheer on/observe the rest of my guys taking it on Thursday and Friday. Once work is over on Friday it's LONGHORN WEEKEND!

I'm not nervous yet, I'm not having taper tantrums, and I'm pretty confident about my training. Sure, there were probably some things I could've done better, some more time spent in the pool, or doing this or doing that, but whatever. I have trained pretty hard, raced pretty hard, and really am looking forward to the race. I've rode the bike course, fully, twice. My swimming has definitely seen some time improvements this year. My running mileage has been significantly increased in comparison to what I had before Buffalo Springs 70.3. I am ready for this race. I am getting a massage today to loosen me up. I'm going to eat healthy and hydrate this next week, and focus on some good sleep. I am going to do well this next weekend. I am not worried about placement, I'm not worried about podium, I am racing for me. I am racing to be solid in all three disciplines and leave it all out on the course. Next Sunday it's all about me beating me and having fun. This race will cap off and end my 2008, and first, triathlon season. I have high hopes that it'll be a race I walk away feeling like I did what I needed too and am ready to tackle bigger goals in 2009!

Happy weekend all!


ShirleyPerly said...

Man, 2 mins of pushups/2 mins of situps/2 mile run test would leave me sore for days!

But I'm sure that will be no problem for a super studette like yourself ;-) Enjoy your taper week and look forward to hearing about your race soon.

Kathleen said...

Yeah, I'm not worried about the podium either. Haha :-) Like I could even come CLOSE. You are going to do aweome! You did in Lubbock at the beginning of the training period!

Colleen said...

Best of luck!!! You'll do great I'm sure!!!

Stef said...

Love your attitude it is contagious! I am so excited for your race -- can't wait to see how you do. For YOU.

You have accomplished so much this season -- have FUN capping your season off in style!