Sunday, September 21, 2008

What. A. Week. A. GREAT. Week.

Wow, so much to catch up on about this past week. I can hardly remember much before Thursday....though I know that a good hunk of the week was change of command preparation. I don't talk about work on here too much because I think it can be imprudent to talk Army issues in a public forum, plus this is my blog for life apart from the Army. HOWEVER, this week was important and big, so I'll give some insight into it. Bottom line, as of Friday I'm now the commander of a Military Police unit for the next 18 months. Taking command is an important step in a military officer's career, and it means a lot of work for me. But it is good work. After just a few days of command I'm already THRILLED to be back working with Soldiers. It will be an exciting and challenging 18 months, but I look forward to learning and leading.

(Receiving the Guidon from the BDE CDR, indicating my taking command)

(Passing the Guidon to the 1SG- my first act as the CDR)

My parents and dear family friend Liz (she's known me since I was knee high!) came out from Houston on Thursday for the Friday's ceremony. So, Thursday night I enjoyed talking with them and I made shish-ka-bobs for dinner (veggie and shrimp). The night was so very nice outside we actually ate on the back patio on my new patio furniture. It was so enjoyable. Friday started early as I went in for a ceremony practice, and then it was the ceremony, the reception--so many great friends showed up, thank you for your support--and some business I had to take care of that day. I was tired by the end of it all and we headed to the new Cheddars restaurant in town. I headed to bed, and Saturday morning headed to the Ft. Hood Sprint Tri. It was the first tri that Ft. Hood has put on, and I was skeptical about how it would play out, but they did an AWESOME job. Some of the Soldiers in my command are part of the MP Bike Patrol, and they were out supporting the course too. Mom, Dad, Liz, and my furry dog children Davey and Annie came out to watch, cheer, and bark (just the furry ones barked!). I had fun, though my hamstrings and quads were TIGHT for the swim and 1st half of the bike. But, it turned into a great race, and I placed first woman overall with a 1:06:39 (approx 400m swim--supposed to be 300m, but was WAY longer than that, 12 mile bike, and 3 mile run--run was 3.34 miles according to my Garmin), so my times were:
Swim (400m): 7:28 (1:52/100m pace)
T1: 44 secs (small transition)
Bike: (12 miles) 34:21 (21mph)
T2: 33 secs
Run: (3.34 miles) 23:33 (7:03 pace)
I got a nice plaque and certificate for a pair of New Balance running shoes at the PX. I don't wear NB, but my brother does, so I'm gonna hook him up. It was a well put on race, and I only see it growing in the future! Great job Ft. Hood! I went out to just have fun, wasn't feeling great energy wise at the start of the race, but really enjoyed what the put on out there! Apparently I'll be in the post paper and the a spot on local PBS that covers Hood of me in a tri-suit on TV--oh my!!

(Starting the bike)

(Starting the run--had to keep a good clip, #2 wasn't far behind me!)

(Post race-With my parents and furry kids--well, only Davey is in the picture)

Mom, Dad, and Liz took off that afternoon and I relaxed, finally...hadn't slept great during the excitement of the week, and finally did Saturday night. Sunday I was up and at them as I went to meet a friend to ride the Longhorn 70.3 bike course again and then take Juan (my bike) into the bike shop in Austin for a FULL tune up in preparation for Longhorn. I'll pick him up on Thursday afternoon. Today's ride was good--had some break rubbing issues that made me feel like I was hauling a 500lb weight behind was KILLING ME. Thankfully it wasn't me. Once that was fixed, I was feeling great. Very VERY excited about the big race in TWO weeks!

So, my first full week in command starts tomorrow! I'm ready for the adventure! It is an honor for sure!


melissa said...

Congratulations, Britt! Unfortunately, this computer isn't letting me view the pics. I know you'll be a great commander- have fun!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on both your new command and your sprint tri race result!! Awesome accomplishments, both of them.

Stef said...

Congratulations! What huge accomplishments and what an opportunity your new command post brings.

Good luck with it even though you probably won't need it. Sending tons of good thoughts your way for success!