Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well, Ike definitely left it's damage, that is true. Lots of clean-up to be done. However, my family safely weathered the storm, and for that I'm truly thankful to God. We thought we'd end up getting more weather here in Killeen. There were some strong winds this morning and a little bit of rain, but that's it. I was actually hoping we'd catch more rain, we need it. It's just hot and humid out there now. The possibility of the bad weather, and the strong wind, did force me to do my last big training ride (3.5 hours--70 miles), in prep for Longhorn 70.3, on the trainer. It was rough. I did watch a movie, and then parts of another and some hurricane coverage. What a sweat fest though. But that's the last big ride! I was supposed to brick it and run after, but it was rainy and windy, and I just didn't. Tomorrow I bike and run as well, and then taper starts. I still have some big swims, but that's okay--swims are easier to recover from because they are not impact or as high of a heart rate pusher.

20 days till Longhorn!! Some cooler weather for that race would be nice. Sign-up's are nearly full for Longhorn, and as of today there are 105 women in my Age Group! OH MY! This will be by far the biggest race/competition I've done yet within my age group. It'd be great to break the top 10, but so much will depend upon who shows up to race and how the race days go. I do not expect to podium this one--there are some fast fast women showing up. I just want to feel solid the whole day and put up some good times in comparison to Buffalo Springs--that was totally a test race, this one is the real deal! But, I've definitely done considerably more training, and that will pay off (I hope!). No goal posting yet, still working on that. I have a couple of weeks!


Stef said...

Glad you are okay after Ike. Kudos for doing so well on your last ride even though it had to be on the trainer.

Your perspective sounds excellent. You can't control who shows up obviously but girl you are pretty dang fast yourself. Have your best race and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see you up there in the rankings.

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, I'm glad to hear things turned out OK for you and your family further south after Ike.

And way to go on the trainer. Not ideal, but better than no training. Good for you!!

Kathleen said...

I would be happy with 56 miles in 3.5 hours!!! :-)

I wonder if they'll be painting all those big cracks in the road you mentioned. That makes me nervous!