Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I need one of these signs!

So I truly thought these cartoons were totally hilarious today. Some co-workers and I have decided we need to have these signs made! If you haven’t noticed, I am a fan of this comic strip.

The AC was broken at work still and it was NASTY on the top floor of the building. With humidity factored in, the weather guys said it would feel near 100 today! I guess it is fair to say that summer has quickly descended upon Texas. However, in the typical Texas weather fashion, right as I was leaving work to head home and go to my Tuesday night swim class the winds and dark storm clouds descended upon Central Texas. It played nasty for about 2 hours, and then actually cleared up. But, not before the pool was closed for ligthening...though, thankfully I determined that would happen prior to driving and wasting gas to Temple. I guess the pool isn't grounded and that's why that have to do that. Anyhow, I already rode my bike for 1.5 hours this morning but considering I had at least a week of no bike riding, I did another hour on it this evening. I did strength intervals (big ring, hard gear) this morning, and high RPM intervals this evening. I did get some ab/core work in this morning and that needs to happen more. I was close to a six pack a few months ago, and not quite there now. Must get that back. Tomorrow morning I'll swim. I really hope I get some speed here in the swimming. I don't expect anything phenomenal, and thankfully the swim truly is the warm up for the other two events. So long as my run stays strong and my bike gets strong, then an "okay" swim will be alright.
Tomorrow police officer course starts. Looks like I'll get to a range this week, get to do some driving simulators and weapon simulators next week (and get OC sprayed...yuck), and some self-defense classes. I will be learning field sobriety tests and other handy skills. I doubt I'll be using the skills much, but they will be helpful to know and help me know more of what my Soldiers have to do.
I'm pondering either a.) a cheap, good gas mileage beater car for my in and around driving or b.) a commuter bike. The bike is obviously much cheaper, but I would have to figure out a safe way to get to work--can't say I trust the drivers around here. We'll see. Stupid gas prices, I need to use one of those signs in the comic strip to hit whomever is responsible for driving these gas prices up with no reason....

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