Saturday, May 31, 2008

What does your drain rack look like?

This is what my drain rack looks like right now. What do you think my two favorite beveragesare? This was too funny and I had to post!!

Today I rode in the Tour d' Temple.
It was more around the country roads and a State Park there near Temple, TX. It was a pretty day, ended up hot at the end, but started off great. However, about half-way through we hit some of the worst road I've ridden on--not just bad TX chip seal, but chip seal and 100% bumpy, not a flat spot on it. It was actually kind of painful. Add the headwind that seemed to be in our face nearly the whole time and it was a pretty tough ride, but I think was a strong ride for me. I did all 100k's without stopping. I should have drank more water and would've been good if I had remembered the straw for me aerobottle. Since I didn't I just had two water bottles and one bottle of 3 concentrated servings of Infinit. It worked well as my nutrition, but I really needed another bottle of water. As soon as I finished the ride I embarked on a 30 minute run...yeah, at noon, in TX. It was okay, but the thought of running 10 more miles, like I will have to for Buffalo Springs 70.3 in less than a month is a little intimidating. I'm sure with proper hydration, good sleep the week of, and a taper from workouts it'll be better. Plus, I have to remember that this is to gauge what I need to focus on for Longhorn in August. Anyhow, good morning workout. Headed to HEB afterward for fruit, veggies, and food for the poodle...while there, I was, as usual, appalled at some of the things people, of all shapes and sizes, are putting in their baskets. It is truly sad...our unhealthy society of America is eating itself to death. You know how your Mom used to tell you to eat all your food because poor kids in China are starving....well, apparently America listened and is eating everything and it's apparent we aren't poor people, instead our society is obese and dying of diseases of affluence, not poverty. Even many of what we call "impoverished" American's are dying of these things, and sometimes at higher rates. I find it truly disturbing, and it is going to be significantly evident as to the problem when health insurance continues to rise and death rates go up while ages go down....and more kids start having adult diseases related to poor diets, not malnutrition, just poor diets. It IS a problem, and it will only get worse. Eat well people, exercise...make your drain rack look like mine. It truly does the body good.

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Kathleen said...

Funny picture :-) I don't think I own that many bottles!