Friday, May 30, 2008

Shooting things, and doing it well!

Another early morning, but today was an AWESOME day at the shooting range. It was not your typical range, we wore our Law Enforcement gear, we did some scenario shooting at paper targets with a partner (mine was the other CPT and he and I were putting it dead center and in the head just like we were supposed to do), then we did a tactical lane as individuals with some specific shots on ballistic steel reactionary targets (they go down when they are hit and you hear it and see it on the spray painted surface), and then we did a "duel" where two of us rushed to a set of targets, had to get down the dummy steel targets, and then hit paddles on a "tree" (6 total, when you hit it, it flips to the other side so you can shoot it again). Whomever got the dummies down, did a magazine change, and then got all 6 paddle targets on the other persons side won. It was single elimnation, and out of 18 I was #2...had a good final round duel with a SSG. Seemed like there were several Soldiers suprised this female CPT could hold her own as well with the pistol as she did. Today was truly a total blast. It was good precision shooting, gave all of us, but especially the young new Soldiers, significant confidence in the ability to draw the weapon and successfully engage targets with a well placed round with proper trigger squeeze (poor trigger squeeze is the root of most folks shooting problems). So, getting to put a couple of hundred rounds down range today was a complete blast. We really should shoot like this much more often for both working law enforcement duty and combat prep. I think we all learned and practice more worthy skills than any other time I've shot the 9mm in the Army.

Now I need to gather up the bike ride stuff: bike, nutrition, water, helmet, outfit, etc. so I can get ready for the "Tour de Temple" 100k (62 mi.) ride tomorrow morning. Plan is to brick it, so I will probably do an immediate 5 mile run along the course as soon as I finish riding. This is necessary in that my first Half-Ironman is less than a month away (29 June) and I have not done the run off the bike after a ride this long. Should be good, hot (very hot) fun. Then, it is of course housework/yardwork weekend. I do need to hit Wally World on the way home from Temple to get some more fresh fruit and some food for my doggy. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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