Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Umm, what format

Okay, I know I had a "format" for different things I was going to cover, but I don't think life is going to let me keep with that, so I will just post what I can when I am inspired to do so. Today there is not so much inspiration. Class was fairly simple today and mostly just use of force and introductory stuff. Tomorrow we do some drills with the PR-24 and then to a range on Friday for some shooting. Besides that, I'm just ready to get to the weekend. I am riding the Tour de Temple 100K on Saturday and plenty of work to do around the casa. Trying to plan out the time I'm going to be on vacation this summer. I will do some traveling, but also a lot of house projects that should get done. Mom got me some tiles that I can use for at least my guest bathroom, so that's a lesson to be learned, and I also have lots of serious yard work to do in that time frame. Between that, the GMAT, and some personal preparation to take company command in Sept. I should fill up my time well.
Longest swim to record on tap tomorrow morning--4000m...holy smokes.

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Kathleen said...

4000 is a long ways to go! In the pool or open water???