Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ready to move on...

Another boring day at the office, though I did get some of the necessary paperwork complete that I need so I can get my orders so I can become a civilian/weekend warrior come the end of July. Cameron-Brooks (headhunter company) just finished their April career conference yesterday, and I’m really interested to find out how some of the guys I met here did on the interviews and where they will finally settle on jobs. The next one is mine! Oh my! I really need to crack down on some of my preparation. I have some questions I still need to finish and probably review these much more often now. I didn’t imagine I’d be job hunting at this point in my life, but then again, you never really know where life will take you. One day you think you have it all planned out, and as the famous saying goes (not sure who said it) “Man plans, God laughs.” The good thing is, it was all my choice at what I feel was His urging, and I am looking forward (anxious to say the least) to seeing what type of job I will have come August and just as important, where I will be living. Of course, I have completely decided that I would love to live in Austin. It is a beautiful city, it is a cultured city, it is an active city, and it’s near a lot of major places in Texas. So, if I had my choice, that’s where I would end up. But, I really have no idea. I’d like to stay in Texas for sure (not West Texas though), but am definitely open to some other locations. But, I need to be able to get outside year round wherever I live…so places like the mid-west and NE that are STILL getting snow here in April—not a chance. I think I would go insane. I'd rather deal with heat. My body still functions in heat, it doesn't in cold! Plus, now that I have gotten a taste of riding on the road vs. riding on the trainer, I just can't imagine horribly long winters!

I had my longest swim set ever today--3775! Granted, I have other just as long and longer in the future, but it feels good to have done it. It was a mental thing at first, not that I can't do it, I can, just sometimes I get lazy and have to push deeper to get it done. Once I do, it's easier the next time. Swims are early mornings though--typical a 4:20AM wake up so I can be at the pool when it opens at 5AM. I hoped to ride outside today, but the whole area is blanketed with rain. Yuck. So, it's a trainer ride tonight. Friday-Sunday looks nice though, so I'll hit the road with some good riding and some good running--and I'm going to get some final stuff done in the house that I need to do! I cannot wait to get my table and chairs I ordered.

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