Saturday, April 12, 2008

Getting it done!

Happy Saturday! I am getting work done today, seriously! I know I'm typing this right now, but I type quickly, really!! I had a great night of sleep and didn't even wake up until about 7AM! Wow, I haven't slept that late on my own in ages! I wasn't sure if I wanted to hit the pool this morning, but I pushed past the mental laziness and got out there and had one of the best/fastest sets I've ever had. My lats and hips finally got synched right, good rotation, and good pull. Now, I have to hold onto that! I've already knocked out several things around the house and intend to do much more before going on a bike ride this afternoon.

I am so grateful for technology when it comes to staying in touch with people. Otherwise, I know I wouldn't be as "connected" to some of my dear friends as I am. This especially comes in handy with those West Point classmates of mine as we're spread out all over the nation and the world. It's really incredible how, in the past few years, so many of us have, on our own, jumped into the running and triathlon racing scene. I think we need to get a "reunion race" together at some point where we all link up and spend a weekend together and race together. I think it would be a wonderful time. Something to work on for sure.

Time to go finish up the housework so I can get that brick (bike/run) in today!

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