Tuesday, April 8, 2008

HR and No Socks!

I’ve been absent for a few days, I know. This weekend I got a lot of great bike riding in outside and have really had a boost of confidence in the bike, and maybe a drop in confidence on the swim. Thankfully, the run still feels good. Though, I realized how much more I need to increase my bike fitness as my legs were completely fatigued yesterday evening when I tried to run! Oh well, what I got in was good and this morning my legs aren’t beat. I am starting two new things with my training: Heart Rate (HR) training (at least for the run right now, bike will follow with some increased bike fitness) and sock-less training. The HR has been proven to work for many and should help me not just go hard everytime I run and instead train my body more specifically to be more efficient and increase endurance. It’ll require some discipline from me, but should have good results. The sock-less thing may sound odd, but I can’t tell you how much time it seems to take to put socks on during transition! I don’t need them for the bike really, the shoes I have can go fine by themselves and they don’t rub me at all. Not only that, but coming out of the swim to the bike, having wet feet just makes the socks wet, and they stay wet, which is no good. Then, from bike to run, well, putting socks on takes time…time I’d rather not use. So, if I can harden my feet up enough, then I can just slip on the shoes and GO. So, we’ll see how it goes and how many blisters, if any, I have to endure. I did 2 miles this morning with no issues. My shoes will stink though…though my family would say that’s nothing new!

I am so competitive sometimes! There is a lady my same age, maybe a year younger, that started tri’s last year I think, qualified for Boston on her first marathon in December with a time about a 1 minute slower than me, and who is training for Ironman Kentucky this year. Anyhow, she trains with the coach I use for swimming, and she is very dedicated and is a great athlete. She did the Half-Iron distance in Galveston, and did, in my opinion, really well…times I would love to post for Longhorn. Anyhow, I went out with a local bike club for a 30 mile ride on Sunday, and lo and behold, she is there as well. I really wanted to stay up with here more than I did, but it was good motivation. Not that I want to “beat her” as her fitness level is above mine right now in probably everything but the run, but I want to get to where she is (and yes, probably eventually beat her in some race, haha! I was glad she did the ½ when I did the ¼ or then it would’ve been on, and she might have won), so it’ll be some good motivation for future rides, etc. Motivation is always good—and being competitive means there is ALWAYS motivation! I love it!
Here are some photos from the LoneStar 1/4 Iron Tri:

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