Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday, Friday

Another Friday where I don't have to work! Woohoo! I will never complain about those! Last night I got a 10 mile run in, which is the longest I've gone since the marathon, and I felt good. Better yet, I did it sockless and only have a couple of hot spots on the arch of my left foot, and my right foot had no issues. Hopefully it won't take to long at all to get used to the sockless bit and I'll have just saved myself some valuable time in transition! Now I gotta get used to putting the bike shoes on with them already clipped into the bike, and then get my feet out of them for the dismount too. One at a time!

Today I'll be going to go on a 26 mile or so bike ride with a friend, and the weather looks GREAT (albeit windy), so I'm excited about it. Then it is a must, must, must get some house things accomplished and probably call some realty agencies to set up interviews and see who should sell my house. Fun, I know. I have to get it done though because I'd like to sell my house without any problems this summer. I need to do some cooking this weekend too, and it's been far to long since I've posted a recipe, so I will do that too!

I have several friends that are racing IronMan Arizona this weekend, and I'm so excited! So, to Joe, Liz, Marcy, Steve, Aaron, Clint, and more--Godspeed on Sunday as you conquer those 140.6 miles!

Played around with some pictures today! Here is 2008 in the races thus far!

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